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Jay Jacob Wind

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A brief history

At New York City Marathon pre-race expo in 2015, Associate #1 Jay Jacob Wind noticed that about half the exhibitors, let's say 50, were staffed by temps from Paragon Sports.

Paragon's temp staff members were well-trained by national vendors to represent their products effectively.

National vendors paid Paragon $500 per day per staff member, over three days, let's say 100 staffers.

Jay talked with several Paragon temps and determined that they are paid $100 per day, going up $5 per year till they top out after 5 years at $120 per day, not adding for inflation.

Jay did the math: $400 net per day x 100 staff members x 3 days = $120,000 net income.

Jay decided to make a better offer.

Beautiful Runners offers a competitive per-day rate.

We pay our temp staff 40% going up 2% per year, not compounded, till it reaches 50%. Yes, 50%. To be effective, the new agency must have boots running shoes on the ground in multiple cities where marathons and other races have expos.

Thus, no travel or lodging costs for national vendors who hire temps for our agency.

Jay himself runs marathons and shorter races all over the county, marathons in 13 states plus DC and Israel so far, shorter races in many other states. With Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc., he can supervise expo teams anywhere.

Since Jay was one cool cat, he made the new agency an employee-owned company.

That's where you come in.

Please take a look through our Website, especially the draft shareholder's agreement and the draft customer agreement on our Contact page

Once we have associates to represent us in a city, we will approach national vendors to offer support at that city's expo.

Please join us. We want associates in every major city, in rural America, and elsewhere.

If you're interested, it's $10 per share, fully refundable, with dividends if we're profitable.